Giving is a part of living.  It is a part of our faith to trust God with all that we have and allow Him to work in us and through us to further His kingdom.  We get to respond to God in giving to Him in accordance with all He has given to us.  Not out of mere duty or obligation but out of love.  Part of loving well is participating in the giving of offerings to God.  First we give him our heart and secondly we give out of our resources.


Community Ground

Community Ground is our giving campaign for our future at Chelsea Creek.  We anticipate the location of our facilities to be on the corner of Hwy 280 E and Chelsea Park Blvd. You can designate additional gifts to this campaign through our giving portal.


General Offering

Our safe and secure giving portal is sponsored by our parent church Double Oak Community Church.  We are thankful they allow us to use this service with them. Simply click the link below to set up your online giving through them.  All gifts received will go to the ministry of Chelsea Creek.