Worship Arts

Worship at Chelsea Creek is not an event or simply music.  Worship is our identity. We are worshippers.  It is our hope that all who come will desire to bring themselves to God and honor Him with their entire being.

Worship Is Grattitude

The start of real worship is gratitude. Without this approach one cannot please God and cannot be ready to speak to Him or hear from Him. It is our desire to approach Him with grateful hearts and reflect that in all we say and do.

Worship Is Creative

The God who created the heavens and the earth was most creative in doing so. Therefore we seek to honor His creativity by utilizing the gifts and abilities He gives us through the arts to present Him and ourselves in a way that is refreshing to all.

Worship Is Expressive

We could also say engaging. Worship involves all of our being, mind, soul and body. We seek to create an environment, through the means Scripture outlines, to express our worship to God in prayer, song, spoken word.

Our Worship Teams


The Creek Band is an eclectic collection of souls that works together to get out of the way and allow God’s people to worship.  We seek to bring songs to the people to engage and speak to God and to each other as we worship at His footstool. If you are a musician and seeking to use your gifts please let us know and we can discuss any openings and serving options in this area.


Our tech team works to make sure that all we do on Sunday serve to remove any distractions from our worship.  The goal of technology at Chelsea Creek is to create an atmosphere of engagement so that people see, hear and encounter God in real and personal ways.  This requires many dedicated people and we have a great team.  If you think you may be interested in serving on this team simply email us below.


Seasonally we will offer opportunities for groups of singers to gather and be a part of our worship. Our choir of about 25 people is open to those who want to participate and only requires consistent attendance at rehearsals for participation.  We believe a choir can be a wonderful, creative and beautiful expression of worship to God.